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Every girl is unique and so her fit needs to be too! Here are our tips for how to get the best measurements when ordering with us! 

Measurement should be taken all the way around the chest as shown in the "A" section. Not uncomfortable but not loose.
Arms down. No deep breaths!
Bralettes, measure above the bust and below the bust for additional tailoring benefits.

Just add the arms to your chest "A") measurement technique. It's will look like you just lassoed your cutie. 

For cold shoulder styles, make a circle with your measuring tape going around the left or right arm. Place the circle against the child's side, then move their arm 1-2" out and away from their side. Tighten or loosen your measuring tape circle as required to make it an exact loop and get your final measurement. 

Natural waist is seen in section "B" and is best found by having the child lean a little to one side. The place the indent is their natural waist!
If you are measuring for a waistBAND go 2" lower. Very few pants sit up high enough for a natural waistband to be accurate for leggings, shorts, etc. 

Go all the way around the fullest part of the buttocks. Not uncomfortable but not loose.

Dress styles will vary so be sure you measure from the right starting point!
Your shoulder point is found just an inch past the tip of the shoulder...about where a tank top will sit. 
Stand straight and tall and measure from the shoulder to desired dress hem length.  For some halter or neck styles, start your measurement closer to the neck for better accuracy. 
Check with your designer if you are unsure about where to start for your dress style!

Your full pant measurement should be taken from the waistBAND (not natural waist) to the desired hem length (usually just past the ankle for full length)
We recommend starting a little to the side since the hip pulls the pants up a bit.
For inseam, measure just inside the leg were the joint begins and go to desired hem. Be sure you stop at the same spot you did your full length measurements in or there will be mismatches. 

Start at the shoulder at go 2-3" past the waistBAND for most top styles. Don't go too long or it will look like you were stretched funny when on. 
Corset styles, measure 1" past natural waist for dress styles, 1" past waistBAND for pant styles, in most cases, unless you are doing a crop style.
Tunic styles, measure from the shoulder and go down the BACK of the child to 2" past the buttocks.

Measure from natural waist or waistBAND area depending on your design style to desired skirt hem.

This is the measurement where an error will happen the most often. Follow these directions carefully. 
  1. Arms down, there is a crease the arm and chest make.
  2. At the top of that crease, measure going OVER the shoulder like you would if it was a cami strap.
  3. End your measurement at the seam the arm and chest make in the back. 
DO NOT place measuring tape in the armpit. Do not go all the way around the arm/shoulder area. 
Have more questions? Send your designer a note so she can assist you!

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